Elastic Beats

Elastic Beats

My name is Natalia, I am Uruguayan, but I have been living in the United States for 20 years.
Music and dance have always been in my life, being married to a musician who comes from a family of artists, and having two daughters who are passionate about dance. In addition to being a mother, I am part of a producer of cultural events in South America and have done many projects with children and young people.

And it is that both music and dance share the intention of releasing tensions, emotions and creating encounters (with oneself, and with others).

Elastic Beats stems from all of that, but especially it starts with a dream, in which I saw my daughters jumping and dancing in a game that I hadn’t heard of before. When I woke up I remembered the feeling of how nice it was to be a girl, to play with my friends at school breaks, and to enjoy the company of the family while we had fun with my brothers. And there I was invaded by a feeling of pity to see how nowadays children do not spend their time playing with others, with friends and family, in outdoor places. Starting from the dream, become aware of how today it is difficult for the new generations to create, share, integrate, even imagine.

Perhaps some of you remember the traditional game of elastic, since it has been played in various parts of the world… if so, possibly when you remember it, you will feel the same passion that I felt when playing it. A playful activity that brought together, summoned and built a meeting between several generations. Where emotions were added, joys were multiplied, and ties were woven within a healthy competition. An incredible sensation was felt when moving the body, of joy, since physical exercise promotes health, releases endorphins (the hormone of happiness).

Playing for me was getting into another world with my friends, and forgetting about my surroundings.

In this way, Elastic Beats was born as an original proposal that mixes dance, music, and the versatile element: elastic. A game is created, which in its essence seeks to change habits, and promote a healthier lifestyle.

Everything has been devised and planned, from the practicality of the backpack so that they can move the game anywhere comfortably, to the musical lyrics appropriate to the stage of childhood, pre-adolescence and adolescence: fun and positive! We design the choreographies with levels, so that everyone can learn and dance, coordinate their movements, and improve themselves when practicing. We invent different game modalities: simple, competitive, with scores, in teams and also a 100% free modality without any rules, to boost creativity and imagination.

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