Elastic Beats

Elastic Beats
elastic beats kit
  • A Detachable Backpack: practical and comfortable to carry the game anywhere.
  • A Qr Code: to access the tutorial videos with the choreographies and musical tracks
  • One Short Cooked Elastic: 3.5 meters 
  • One Long Open Elastic: 5.25 meters. 
  • Two Dice: level dice and difficulty dice.
  • Seven Game Modes.


Specially designed to transport the game comfortably. You will be able to store your belongings in it, and as it is removable you will be able to move the game in a practical way and take it to school as a pencil case. The design practicality of the backpack to carry the game to the routine and the musical lyrics which are adapted to the levels of the participants. The Elastic Beats creators have designed choreographies with dancers, written fun and easy-to-learn songs with lyrics written by professional songwriters, and musicians have composed catchy melodies to learn to sing along while dancing and jumping.


The elastics are the fundamentals to play the game, where dance, music and creativity converge. Each elastic is made of silicone, a material that provides excellent elasticity, durability, and safety. Both elastics have their particularities: different colors and lengths to be used as indicated by the 7 game modes. In addition, the long elastic is designed in an opening, so that it can be tied to a prop if the participant wishes to play alone.


The two dice are made of foam, a friendly and resistant material. Each die indicates different chances:

  1. Level Dice: represented by the geometric figures that are equivalent to the different levels of difficulty: Circle (basic), Triangle (intermediate), Rectangle (advanced).
  2. Challenges Dice: represented with different figures that are equivalent to the challenges that the dancers must face: Height/knees, Jump rope,  Lose turn, stop, Freestyle, and Speed.


By scanning the Qr code printed on the backpack, you will be able to access the Elastic Beats website with constantly updated material. You will have access to the videos and tutorial for choreographies, original songs and the warm-up and muscle stretching exercises recommended to prepare for the physical activity healthily. In addition, it will be the place where Elastic Beats will continue to upload material, and where you will be able to interact with the E – Beats community, share experiences, choreographies, and songs.

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